Delivering top quality carpet cleaning services is a lot different than delivering pizza. Pizza man delivers you a pizza that is hopefully still crunchy when you go to eat it (but often not). It doesn't matter who is delivering the pizza (could be a delivery driver or could be delivery driver/chomo), he/she does not come inside your home, is not addressed with any significant challenges, and fulfills the task within minutes.

Carpet cleaning is quite different delivering pizza and who's showing up at your door will definitely affect the level of service you receive. At Industrial Strength Cleaning we hear stories all the time from customers telling us things like "the guy showed up in a Honda Civic, brought out a Rug Doctor, I was like are you serious...?", or "so you're going to charge me for chemicals else I get plain water cleaning..", we hear it all. The fact is, if the carpet cleaning technician doesn't a) show up with the right equipment for the job b) have the right training or c) doesn't offer reasonable rates for top quality cleaning, than you, as the customer may feel like you did not get what you bargained for.

What does this all mean for you and your future service needs? To make a long story short, always hire reputable companies, never hire the cheapest guy, ask questions, and don’t necessarily judge by over the phone personalities (as the best sales people aren’t’ necessarily the best tradesmen), and remember to shop around a little.

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