Upon finding pet urination on your carpets, take some napkins, toilet paper, etc.. and absorb the bulk of it as soon as you can. We do not suggest using off the shelf spotting chemicals unless you have a means of removing that chemical (ie..carpet extractor machine). Depending on how big the puddle/spot was and how long it was left without attention, you could have a situation where the urine sank into the pad which requires professional extraction equipment to clean.

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Delivering top quality carpet cleaning services is a lot different than delivering pizza. Pizza man delivers you a pizza that is hopefully still crunchy when you go to eat it (but often not). It doesn't matter who is delivering the pizza (could be a delivery driver or could be delivery driver/chomo), he/she does not come inside your home, is not addressed with any significant challenges, and fulfills the task within minutes.

Carpet cleaning is quite different

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